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What is a Personal Chef?
A personal chef is a chef who prepares meals for a client in the client's home kitchen, based on the client's needs and personal preferences.

In most cases these meals are left packaged in containers and refrigerated or frozen for the client to enjoy later.

Some personal chefs focus on cooking for dinner parties and other special occasions in the client's home, which means they are responsible for shopping, preparing the meal, serving the guests and cleaning up afterward.

In either case, the menu is preplanned and discussed with the client ahead of time, then prepared in their home.

According to health-department guidelines, all food must either be prepared in the home of the client or in a kitchen that has passed an official health inspection.

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Some personal chefs also provide meal planning and budget planning for homeowners who are too busy with their own lives, but insist on nutritious and tasty meals for their families.

Many personal chefs also offer personalized cooking instruction in the privacy of the client's home, either one-on-one or in groups.

In terms of experience, personal chefs tend to be chefs who have worked in restaurants, hotels, catering or all three.

It is important that you check your personal chef's credentials to make sure that they are certified and licensed to operate and work on your state. A good source reference is The American Personal & Private Chef Association.

Plese Note: A personal chef is distinct from a private chef, which refers to a chef who is employed exclusively by one client, and in some cases lives in the client's home.

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